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The most beautiful beaches of Bonaire

  • White beaches
  • Blue sea
  • Pebble, gravel and sand beaches

Discover the island's most beautiful beaches

Not so keen on mass tourism, high-rise buildings and artificial sand beaches? Good, because you certainly won't encounter that on Bonaire. Instead, you will find a rugged, unspoilt coast with beautiful natural beaches. Besides sandy beaches, Bonaire also has coral and rocky beaches. In total, there are more than 20 beaches, each with its own unique characteristics. On some of them it's see and be seen, while others are quiet and popular with families with children. There is something for everyone!

Beaches you should not miss

Chances are you visit Bonaire because of its beautiful beaches. Each beach on Bonaire has its own atmosphere. Just put these gems on your list:

Donkey Beach
This secluded beach is named after the nearby plantations that used donkeys to transport sugar cane to the fields. Magically beautiful. Food trucks can regularly be found here with the tastiest beach bites.

Te Amo Beach
A beautiful, white-sand beach close to Bonaire's airport. Just off Te Amo is a beautiful reef, so be sure to bring your snorkelling gear.

Bachelor’s Beach
Popular with the locals and also a super spot for snorkelling. Be careful not to drive past it, though. The beach is at the foot of a three-metre-high cliff and therefore cannot be seen from the road.

Unique azure-blue lagoons

Lac Bay, an azure lagoon in the south-east of Bonaire, is known for its two fantastic sandy beaches. Sorobon Beach is the place to be for windsurfers. Maybe you can see yourself skimming over the water, hanging from a surf sail? Something less spectacular is also possible; Sorobon is just as popular with families with children, who mainly enjoy the shallow water and fine white sand. Novice windsurfers are also well placed here, as the shallow water makes it easy to get on a surfboard.

The hidden beach of Cai among the mangroves of Lac Bay is an oasis of calm. It is the perfect place to spot turtles attracted by the sea grass present. Sundays can be a little busier at this beach; locals like to gather here to socialise and barbecue.

"Lac Bay is largely a protected area with with different types of fish, birds and sea turtles."

Klein Bonaire: Really worth it

On Klein Bonaire, an uninhabited island just 800 metres off the coast of Bonaire, you will find a beautiful sandy beach: No Name Beach. The reef that runs parallel to this beach is one of Bonaire's best and busiest snorkelling spots. A water taxi takes you back and forth to Klein Bonaire.

Discover Sea Turtles

Bonaire is home to three of the world's seven species of sea turtles. The extensive coral reefs, shady beaches and sea grass beds make it a great place for sea turtles to live. The animals sometimes travel up to 3,500 km to reach their nesting grounds on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

Staying overnight near the beach?

Naturally, you'll want to stay as close to the beach as possible during your holiday on Bonaire. Belnem House is a boutique resort centrally located on the island just off Bachelor's Beach. After a day of beach fun, you can unwind here in your own luxury apartment. Will you choose a poolside apartment or a penthouse with breathtaking views over the water? We are also happy to help you rent a car so that you can explore the most beautiful beaches of Bonaire on your own.