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The island of Bonaire

Bonaire's laid-back atmosphere!

More and more tourists are finding Caribbean Bonaire, and for good reason. The island is a true diving and snorkeling paradise. But there is much more to experience! Explore Bonaire on a mountain bike or drop by one of the popular kite schools. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who enjoys a relaxing vacation and is looking for sun and space. Bonaire offers a sense of space that is rare in many other tourist destinations. Instead of crowded and overcrowded beaches, you will find quiet places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature without being disturbed. On Bonaire, you will find plenty of space to relax and enjoy the moment.

Small but nice

Bonaire, along with Aruba and Curaçao, belongs to the ABC island group and is distinguished by its small size. This peaceful and sparsely populated part of the Leeward Islands is still an undiscovered gem for many vacationers, but very worthwhile to visit. Due to the relatively small size of the sun-drenched island, its many hotspots are easy and quick to reach.

Welcome to relaxing Bonaire

The atmosphere on Bonaire is casual and life is relaxed. Upon arrival on the island, you immediately feel the laidback, Caribbean atmosphere. Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands and the official language is Dutch, however the native language is actually Papiamentu, spoken exclusively in the ABC Islands.

Yet there is little else that reminds you of the Netherlands. Things on the island are very different from the hectic little country. Bonaire is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From the moment you are welcomed ("Bon bini!"), you only want one thing: to stay for a very long time.

Bonaire island

No mass tourism

You won't find mass tourism with high rise hotels on Bonaire, but small-scale resorts and charming beach bars. Looking for unspoiled nature, a unique underwater world and excellent cuisine? Then come to this Caribbean part of the Netherlands and enjoy all the beauty that Bonaire has to offer.

Bonaire island


One of the first things you notice as soon as you reach Bonaire by plane is the large amount of white salt pyramids on the southeastern part of the island. The Netherlands conquered Bonaire in 1633 and the island came under the administration of the West India Company. The emerging herring fishery created a great need for salt in Holland, and salt production on Bonaire became increasingly important.

After salt had been one of Bonaire's main export products in the 17th century, production declined significantly in the 18th century. Only later, in the 19th century, artificial salt pans began to be constructed. These salt pans are also important for the flamingos, which filter crustaceans and various mollusks from the water.

Salt pyramids Bonaire

This island always serves you well

Bonaire is blessed with one of the mildest climates in the Caribbean with very little rainfall and an eastern trade wind that feels like a nice breeze. Weather conditions are pretty constant year-round, with daytime temperatures averaging around 29 degrees. The sea water temperature averages 27 degrees. Bonaire, along with Aruba and Curaçao, is geographically part of the Leeward Islands; in this region there are virtually no hurricanes and tornadoes. This makes Bonaire among the very best vacation destinations in the world.

Bonaire island

Explore the island from Belnem House

The best way to explore the island of Bonaire is from our resort. Belnem House Bonaire is an exclusive and small-scale holiday resort in a prime location in Kralendijk. Here, design and comfort take centre stage and there is a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. You can choose from comfortable flats and suites, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious stay. The resort features a communal swimming pool and a beautiful tropical courtyard garden, where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. With proximity to the coast and The Beach restaurant just 100 metres away, you have easy access to beautiful beaches and culinary experiences. Enjoying the pool, the surroundings or sun-drenched days on the beach, Belnem House Bonaire offers the perfect base for a wonderful holiday on this Caribbean paradise.