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The processing of personal data can seriously affect the privacy of the stakeholder, since data can provide sensitive information about a person. These so-called special data concerns all personal data that provides information about: religion or belief, race, political affiliation, sexual life, membership of a trade union. Belnem House Bezit & Beheer B.V. does not wish to retrieve this data and therefore does not process it in any way.

Visitors of this by Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. managed website therefore have the right on privacy and protection of personal data. When booking a holiday, we will therefore treat your personal data with the utmost care. This is mandatory according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By answering the questions below, we hope to inform you clearly about the way in which Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. handles your personal data.

Why is information collected?
Information about website visitors and bookers at Belnem House Bonaire managed by Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V., is collected to:

  • be able to provide you with the best possible service
  • adapt the product range of Belnem House Bonaire to your wishes as good as possible
  • be able to handle your bookings correctly
  • relieve you during your stay at Belnem House Bonaire

Your data will only be used for these purposes. Your data will not be passed on to third parties, only for the purpose of your stay and thus to implement the joint agreement. In this case this is the managing party of Belnem House Bonaire. This data will not be used for other purposes.

What information is collected and why?
In order to provide you with the best possible service, we collect statistical information and personal data. The way in which this is done is described below:

General information about visitors and their “behavior” within these pages is measured via this website. An example of this behavior is the most requested pages and from which page a visitor ends up on this website. This data is not linked to your name or address. The purpose of this general measurement data is to improve (the navigation and structure of) the website, however, these statistics can also serve to improve the findability of the website and may be used for marketing purposes.

Processing of personal data
In order to handle bookings correctly, only data entered by customers through this website, and through the partner sites associated with this website, is kept. This also applies if you have contacted Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. in any other way, with the result of making a booking or requesting information.

Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. will only use the data for the execution of the agreement or to make you the best possible offer in the future. You will not receive newsletters unless you give your consent. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time via a link in the newsletter.

Your data will be kept for a period of 7 years after your last stay. The period of 7 years is determined to comply with the requirements set by the tax office. If you do not show interest in or book again within 7 years, it can also be assumed that you are no longer interested in Belnem House Bezit & Beheer B.V.

What happens to your data?
The personal data that has been filled out by a customer him- or herself is used to:

  • handle bookings correctly
  • unburden you before and during your stay at Belnem House Bonaire
  • be able to let you (re) book quickly and efficiently in the future
  • store your data as securely as possible and will not be shared with third parties, unless this is necessary for the execution of the agreement.

How can you view your data?
After making a booking, you will receive login details from Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. You can log in to our website and view and adjust your details. You can also contact us directly at +559 717 0256 or to request your details.

What should you do if you do not want to provide or receive certain information?
If you do not wish to receive information regarding new products and services, please do not agree on the pages where personal information is requested.

If you do not want to add your details in the Guest Portal when finalizing a booking, then no agreement can be concluded and it is therefore not possible to book definitively.

Each customer also has the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data. You can inform Belnem House Bonaire Bezit & Beheer B.V. about this via the contact form on this website.

In addition, you have the right to complain to the supervisory authority (the Dutch Data Protection Authority) and you are always entitled to access your data.

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